Personal Assistance Services


Personal Assistance Services are exactly as they sound.

We help you save time and provide problem solving and organizational and life management services. Our lifestyle team will make it happen, either by performing the service directly or quickly finding the best resource for the job.

Our professional team can help you by becoming your Personal Assistant, based on your individual needs.

We will take care of everything on your to do list, such as running errands, waiting for deliveries and trades people, making appointments, planning parties, organizing your home, acting as a personal shopper, doing research, and liaising with vendors.

We take care of whatever needs to get done.

Here is a limited list of our personal assistance service options:

  • VIP service at the airport
  • 24/7 – personal service
  • Tourism (Private guides, Tours, Hotels, Flight Tickets & more)
  • Vehicles and transportation
  • Real estate – buying and renting
  • Personal assistants
  • Babysitting & Au pairing services
  • 24/7 Emergency & Medical services
  • Cleaning service
  • Banks, Law & Local municipality services
  • Tickets & Reservations (Restaurants, Sports, Cultural Events & more)
  • Insurance companies
  • Bodyguards & Security
  • Handyman services & Car repair
  • Activities for Children
  • Problem Solving